Our Working Framework: Self-knowledge to self-manage success

“Your company’s future depends on its people. A happy and motivated worker is productive, creative and enterprising. A team whose members trust and respect each other can move mountains.”
Lazar Emanuel, CEO, The Highlands Company

Everyone wants to be competent. No one wakes up and says I am going out of my way to fail. Give people the tools and resources and they will achieve. Self-knowledge to self-manage is the beginning and the cornerstone of success” 

-Dr Tom Tavantzis, CEO, IMD

IMD is uniquely qualified to bring your employees a new sense of their hard-wired strengths and to fast track your leaders, executives, managers and teams to higher levels of effectiveness and success. An employee’s most powerful tools are self-knowledge and self-awareness-the basis for Self-Management. IMD draws from our long standing collaboration with outstanding organizations; The Highlands Company, Assess Systems and Stress Directions each with their own unique niche and each having state of the art methods and tools to assist companies in developing their people and productivity.

Our Assessments include:

There are 3 keys components to our working model all embedded in and interacting with the organizational culture to enhance productivity and satisfaction:

1) People developing the Self Awareness of their abilities, skills, values, interests, personal style, family of origin, intrinsic motivations, stage of career development so that they can Self-Manage their emotions, cognitions and their behavior into work roles where they can best contribute.

2) Another part of our model conceptualizes the Human Capital Success LifeCycle Model for a company that creates a comprehensive approach to Defining Success, Hiring the Best, Organizational Alignment, Performance Enhancement, Talent Development, and Succession Management.

3) Our last component rests on people within organizations being able to regulate and maximize their behavior to enhance their contribution and satisfaction.