Tools For Discovery – Science Applied Towards Success

“Many good theories exist about how to select and develop people but then these same theories fail as they rely on poor measurement tools”- Dr Tavantzis

We combine our knowledge and experience with the most sophisticated assessment tools available.

team building, ability talent test, talent assessmentWe partner with and have certifications from the companies who own and allow us to customize their tools including The Highlands Company, The Marcus Buckingham Company, ASSESS Systems and Stress Directions. We strive to use instruments that are considered or approach ‘gold’ standards in their respective areas.

  • The Highlands Ability Battery, based on over 75 years of scientific analysis.
  • Multi-rater (360) and Focus Feedback instruments from ASSESS Systems, a global software and consulting company focusing on hiring, promotion and organizational development.
  • A Work-Fit Personality Assessment that is both valid and reliable from ASSESS Systems.
  • Stand-out is the next generation online strengths assessment
  • Personal Stress Navigator considered the ‘gold standard’ for assessing stress from Stress Directions.