Career Coaching, Personal Coaching and Individual Coaching Programs

At IMD, our individual coaching programs are geared toward understanding your aptitude, personal strengths and understanding your personal operating style at the deepest possible level.

This applies whether you are:iStock_000002481475XSmall

  • In a senior executive position with a goal to be more effective.
  • In the process of evaluating a job transfer within your company.
  • Feeling frustrated or struggling as a downsized worker, and exploring a possible career change
  • Currently a student who is in the process of considering career options

Our team members have experience counseling you in any of these situations.

“We use state of the art diagnostic assessment tools, including The Highlands Ability Battery, based on over 75 years of scientific analysis. This is an objective measure, using work samples, that is far more revealing than self-rating instruments like the Myers-Briggs. We also offer career counseling programs.”

“Having employees in the right roles optimizes their contribution and promotes engagement–the secret weapon in today’s successful business strategy. But how do you know what the right role is? By understanding your employees natural, hard-wired Abilities, you can gain crucial insight into the potential of your human resources and can increase alignment around goals, roles and job fit. This is especially important In this challenging economy, where businesses must be nimble and adaptable in response to the volatile marketplace. Having your employees both know and articulate their Abilities enables you to reallocate your staffing resources to new or different roles quickly while ensuring continued productivity and satisfaction. Abilities are  the building blocks of competencies”