Couples Vision Development – Positive Steps To A Healthier Relationship

This unique workshop takes place in an exotic beach paradise, and focuses on helping couples enjoy a healthy relationship for many years, while creating a joint vision for their hopes, needs and aspirations for the future.

TNT&MTT_Panama-resized-600Based on their 25+ years of marriage as well as extensive experience in clinical and career psychology,  Dr. Tom and Martha Tavantzis developed this workshop. Their unique approach blends their organizational, career and clinical backgrounds in a powerful 3-5 day Couples Vision Development Workshop.

Men and women form their relationship, then live day-to-day dealing with the daily stresses of live.  They often never truly focus on their vision for who they are as a couple.

At some point in their relationship all couples need to address developing a “joint vision” for the future.  Unfortunately, this is not something that most couples think about.  The need to create a joint vision is one of the things that could save most relationships.  This need never gets truly addressed as  as couples divorce or go to therapy or just live in misery! What if in a positive and strength based approach couples could explore their hopes and dreams in a safe, semi-structured workshop settings?

The Couples Vision Development Workshops are offered in lovely seaside locations. In the summer, the program is offered in a small fishing village, Aliki, on the beautiful island of Paros in Greece.  In the winter, the couples programs offered at a  beautiful seaside resort in Coronado, Panama.

Many couples could benefit just as we did by spending time working together considering what we wanted while enjoying the sun in a low-key environment.