Executive Coaching and Individual Programs


“Understanding Your Strengths to Help Others”

United around the tableWe each have our operating style, communication style and learning style. But if you’re an executive, your personal style does not exist in a vacuum. Your executive effectiveness and ability to be an effective leader depends on how your ability to communicate meshes with the operating style, communication style and learning styles of your subordinates, co-workers and fellow team members.

Each individual has a unique communication style, and there is nothing wrong with different communication styles as long as they don’t clash.

Once you gain a greater in-depth look at your method and style of operating, you will have more effective communications with those around you. If you understand other’s styles and how your team  operates , you can then improve their performance and yours.

Once you understand how to effectively communicate, you can turn differences from an obstacle to an asset, surrounding yourself with colleagues who can bolster areas where you may be weaker and free you to really play to your strengths.

In 2013 Dr Tavantzis was also certified by the Marcus Buckingham company as a Executive Coach in using STANDOUT-a strength-based tool that provides one with data as to ‘how you show up to others’. This additional perspective and the information derived correlates well with one’s Ability Battery (hard-wired strengths)results as well as simplifying communication about oneself to others.

In addition to the Highlands Ability Battery, and Standout tools we employ the ‘Experience Compression Laboratory’ (ECL), where we use videotape to help you examine your own behaviors in depth, and learn and practice more effective ones. For a fuller picture we also might use multi-rater tools, and psychometrically validated personality assessments.