Invest in Your Greatest Asset – Company Sponsored Employee Career Development Program

Employees when they are in the right role will optimize their contribution and promote engagement–the secret weapon in today’s successful business strategy.  How do you know what the right role is?  By understanding your employees natural, hard-wired Abilities, you can gain crucial insight into the potential of your human resources and can increase alignment around goals, roles and job fit. This is especially important In this challenging economy, where businesses must be nimble and adaptable in response to the volatile marketplace. Having your employees both know and articulate their Abilities enables you to reallocate your staffing resources to new or different roles quickly while ensuring continued productivity and satisfaction. Abilities are  the building blocks of competencies.

MTT_Invest-resized-600We call this program ‘Invest In Yourself’ because a company provides individual employees an opportunity to develop their personal and career visions.

In the Invest in Yourself program, the first step is an assessment called The Highlands Ability Battery. Using this tool we look at people’s natural abilities and what they’re hardwired to do, the way they think, and the way they act.

Then we move into four half-days that are semi-structured and experiential. We have employees evaluate themselves—where they are in your careers, what skills they have developed to date, and what their values are, what are their particular passions or interests- all exercises that we take participants through in this group workshop.

Then, on the last day, we look at brainstorming and having people evaluate the data they’ve collected about themselves and shared with others. Using that information, a plan is formulated that can take them into the future. This has been a very successful program for a number of companies and very well-regarded by employees. At this point over 1500+ employees at different companies have been through this workshop with IMD and validated-what is for many- a life changing process.

TNT_Invest-resized-600Here is a brief outline of what we cover:

Day 1 – Abilities and Career Development Cycle (Homework)
Day 2 – Skills, Values, and Family Influences (Homework)
Day 3 – (after 1 week break) Interests and Personal Style
Day 4 – Integration-groupings and brainstorm, presentation of preliminary Vision statement.