Leading Leaders – Setting The Pace

Leading Leaders is a program that uses both our 360 tool and the aligned personality instrument. United around the tableUnlike the Leading Others program, Leading Leaders is geared specifically to Senior leaders who have responsibility for developing leaders and succession plans.

After receiving their individual feedbacks consults on their 360 and Personality assessments leaders participate in a intense 2-4 days program that is oriented towards setting the pace in the organization based on the strategic goals and aligned with competencies. This is the program where executives leaders are asked to look at how what they do matches with what they say.

In a confidential environment senior leaders are asked to learn to address directly those challenges they experience in a constructive and forthright manner.

There is extensive use of videotaping to examine behavior displayed in scenarios created during the workshop. Leaders gain behavioral understanding of the organizational competency model while working on developing an action plan for themselves.

This program is followed by a 6 month follow-up mini 360 for leaders to check with progress on goals set.

This program again uses the ASSESS methodology and tools coupled with Dr. Tavantzis and his team’s experience.

Using a 360 multi-rater tool that is developed by our Strategic Competency Modeling process or aligned with your existing competency model that is then coupled with a scientifically validated Work-Fit personality tool. This powerful combination addresses not only how others see us but assists a leader in understanding their motives and drives.

Dr. Tavantzis has been affiliated with ASSESS and is certified in all their processes and  instruments since the mid-’90’s.