Team and Group Interventions

How do you build, develop and maintain a highly productive team?

United around the tableTo build a team, leadership must ensure that the members of a team are:

  • Tapping into each other’s strengths
  • Compensating for weaknesses
  • Have a clear definition of the team’s goals.

There is a big difference between programs that focus on team esprit de corps and programs that promote team development through understanding and articulating member contributions. Both types of programs have some value, but we have learned that programs which concentrate on team spirit tend to fade quickly, while the benefits of team development lasts and is carried on in future teams by the individuals.

IMD has developed a corporate team development program that helps the participants to communicate better, to deal with coworkers better, to develop trust among coworkers, and to balance individual goals with corporate goals and expectations. Because all IMD’s programs are designed to be personally engaging and interactive, participants tend to learn much faster and to get more out of each program. IMD is prepared to design a program especially tailored to team building within your company. The program can be designed to last one day or several days

We will design a team development program that will produce the following corporate benefits:

  • Reduction in employee turnover
  • Less duplication of effort
  • Improved employee morale as they work from their strengths
  • Improved communication and workflow
  • Greater satisfaction and productivity
  • Individual coaching work with the leader to make necessary behavioral and cognitive changes

Our work with teams go from the initial assessment and develop into a plan for action based on the goals and objectives of the sponsor, leader and team within the organization. This plan which may be 2-6 months in length and targets a variety of behaviors and attitudes. A plan for action is developed in collaboration with the Leader and the Team.