What Are Your Natural Abilities? How Do You Discover Your Innate Talents?

At IMD we use and built on the eight factors of the Highlands Personal Vision Wheel. To define a worker’s strengths, for instance, we uses the gold standard among assessment tests – the Highlands Ability Battery™. The Battery is an objective test of abilities, each measured by a time-tested worksample. The Battery is available online. The employee’s results are reported and analyzed in a detailed multi-page report (see sample downloand report).

About Natural Abilities

Everyone is born with a range of abilities unique to him or her. It’s fair to say that these abilities are essentially hard-wired. They mature during infancy and can be measured in most individuals after the age of fourteen. Highlands measures these abilities by asking the individual to perform nineteen hands-on worksamples.

One example of an innate ability is manifested when an individual is confronted with a number of seemingly unrelated objects or facts and is asked to organize them into their unifying relationship. We call this ability Classification. Individuals who score high in this ability are good at solving new problems and like change and challenge. Persons who score low will find that they work best when their tasks are well-defined and organized.

The function of the Highlands Ability Battery is to define each Ability and then to determine the patterns or “clusters” into which each person’s abilities fall. Armed with this knowledge, the individual is able to avoid stress and achieve satisfaction in his work.