Leading Others – Understanding Motives and Desires

This programs uses the ASSESS methodology and tools coupled with Dr. Tavantzis and his team’s organizational experience. We use a 360 multi-rater tool that is developed by from our Strategic Competency Modeling process or aligned with your existing competency model. This is then coupled with a scientifically validated Work-Fit personality tool. This powerful combination addresses not only how others see us and why we might be displaying what behavior. IMD assists a leader in understanding their motives and drives as well as how they are seen by others.

OPL-white-bold-554x461-resized-600The assessment phase is followed by a small group workshop. Over 2-5 days leaders learn to apply their insights while practicing applications with their colleagues. Leaders gain behavioral understanding of competencies and then work at developing an action plan for themselves. This program is followed by a 6 month follow-up mini 360 for leaders to check their progress on goals set.

Dr. Tavantzis has been affliated with ASSESS and is certified in all their processes and  instruments since the mid-’90’s.

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