Organizational Programs- Aligning Corporate Goals With Individuals


“We hire a person for their skills, but the whole person shows up for work”
—– Chester I. Barnard

The IMD Team Will Help You:

  • Align your company goals with the personal strengths and energy of your employees. This embraces selection, development and people management.
  • Develop your managers and leaders through workshops and validated instruments. Focus on developing unique individual strengths rather than remedying weaknesses.
  • Build and Develop Your Teams through individual assessments and group awareness exercises. Identify sources of strength and potential conflicts. Help team members clarify their roles. Link organizational goals with the best talents on the team.
  • Integrate a multi-generational work force.
  • Take a fresh look at motivation
  • Create the right climate for success by increasing the satisfaction, productivity and creativity of your greatest single asset – your people.

We combine our knowledge and experience with the most sophisticated assessment tools available, to maximize your people’s contributions including:

  • The Highlands Ability Battery, based on over 75 years of scientific analysis.
  • Experience Compression Laboratory: Videotaped interactions for developing ‘soft’ skills of key people and work groups.
  • Competency Model Development
  • Integrated ASSESS Multi-rater (360) and a psychometrically valid Work-Fit  Personality instrument mapped to your competency model.
  • Standout offers results that are targeted, prescriptive advice on how to win at work based on your unique strength roles.
  • Personal Stress Navigator can group individual data to analyze a company’s wellness costs and progress as well as developing a customized company Resiliency Development plan that can be easily tracked over time.